What can u organize today?

It seems that I am always trying to find a new way to keep my life organized. I don’t like having dishes in my sink at all– I’ve tried many different ways to keep up on them and not let them pile up.. I find this to be a big challenge because it seems like I am only home long enough to make food and leave. After long days at school, Ross Elementary or whatever the days bring me I come home and I want to clean my kitchen but I need to do homework or go to sleep!

A friend of mine, gave me wonderful advice yesterday (which seem like a no brainer once I heard it), after dirtying dishes wash them right then and there!!
It works– I did it with dinner last night and I did it this morning with breakfast!! I love this concept!! Thank you Trinity!!!

So I have to be honest that yesterday I tackled my dishes after 6 days of letting them go… I could not find time to get them done! Not until I was encouraged by Becky Higgings! She posted on her blog that she was going to organize today (yesterday) and asked her readers to organize one thing in their house! I took the challenge and decided to organize my dirty dishes and wash them!! Mission accomplished:) below and above are the before and after pics!! What can u organize today?? A drawer, fridge, closet, crafts, desk… the places are endless… you can do it baby-cakes!! Feel free to comment and let me know what u decided to organize!!


What are you hands doing?

I grabbed my laundry, my overnight bag, my book bag, and some snacks and headed up to my parents house in Northern Idaho (220 miles) on Friday. My Dad had recently had some major dental work done and I was concerned, I needed to check on him to ease my heart. I had a really good and restful time while here (I am still here, lagging on leaving). You might be wondering where here is??? Cottonwood Idaho, population is 1000 (501 males and 532 females), the elavation is 3474 ft., and they have the famous Dog Bark Park bed and breakfast (that my sister and her husband actually stayed in when they got married 4 years ago!),there is a correctional facility (mostly for men to do ryder programs) here too, and a huge Monistary (St. Gertrudes). It’s a small town and although my parents haven’t lived here but 10 years I feel like its home:)

I came here this weekend to help my parents out any way I could. I found out 2 things! 1. my Dad is going to be challenging to take care of when he is convelescent age 2. just being here is enough I don’t need to do anything else.

I seem to live in this mindset that I need to do things and I need to make things all better for people. Well I can’t do everything and I deffiantly can’t make things all better permantly for people, it’s just temperary and in the moment. So even though I came here to help them, I ended up helping myself because my Dad won’t let me do very much for him (even when he doesn’t feel good). I rested and slept a lot and had many flashbacks from being a child. I must admit that I don’t let them do much for me either! I wonder where I got that from lol. I found a few things my Dad will let me do…. bake and clean..and he will let me sit in the living room while he watches football or races, as long as I am quiet. So I knit and bask in the moment of just being in the same room with him, because I know I have limited oppurtunites and time!

I always remember food I use to eat when I am with them. My dad makes an egg over easy and puts it on top of a piece of toast and then cuts it up on top of the toast (being careful not to cut the toast yet), so then the toast starts to soak up the bread, then you either eat it open face (like my Mom likes) or cut the toast and egg up together. Well it’s so tasty that way, I forget these little tricks when I’m away and in my busy life!

So it’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day of service and I’m thinking about what I should do today to lend a hand. I am going to wash their dishes before I leave (both parents are at work) and I made my Dad Zucchini bread last night and I need to slice it and bag it up into individual baggies so it can be frozen and easily accessible when he wants a piece. I wan’t to stop at the nearby thrift store and drop off a bag of clothes and see if they need an hour or so of my help… Since I will be driving back home while others are out doing the day of service to honor MLK jr. I want to do what I can when I can….but then again, my hands are always doing something:) –Tami xo

Back to School.



This week I started my spring semester at Northwest Nazarene University… and it was is a little chilly on campus (the above picture is a representation of  what degree we are living in right now in Nampa, Idaho).  It’s so much like a dream to me, that all I have left to complete my BA is 21 credits in upper division Social Work classes….I’m contemplating summer school? If I could graduate a semester early that would be really great.  Then I could go right into Grad school and be done with this part of my education.  It’s so close that I can actually envision myself inviting all my family and friends to my graduation ceremony!  I am praying about doing my 400 hour internship in my Senior year at Health and Welfare…they are willing to give me payment for my hours!!!(it won’t be what I would make with a license but it is better than 0 an hour!  I see God’s hand all over this.   I’m going to do double my internship hours  this semester so that I can get extra credits, that really beats taking an upper division elective class.  If you know me, you know that I would rather do something meaningful any day of the week! I’m really excited about this because I’m going back to do hours with a local towns district Social Worker.  He does a great job explaining everything to me and he is a patient person:)  The other plus is that the district needs more from him so by doubling my hours of service to the district we will be able to do that extra work and reach more children than we did last semester.  This is exciting to me:) 

Six years ago I fought much fear and enrolled in Boise State University, it’s been such a great journey.  I have learned not only academically, but personally I have grown so much in my character!  I may not have understood the road blocks or detours along this journey but looking back I wouldn’t change this experience for the world.  I may not be the best test taker, textbook studier, or college student for all that matter but I have given it my all and I have seen much fruit!  If you have the opportunity to go, no matter your age— I encourage and dare you to do!!!  Blessings, Tam x0x0

A friend of a friend!

One of my “real” friends wrote me this story as a “homemade” pay it forward for a game posting we participated in on Facebook…just found it in my junk mail in my email (ya, my real email!).  Enjoy, it’s really cute and unique! and she calls me weird:) most of the story is real except about not knowing her and her living in NY and Colorado:)! 
I don’t know if this really counts as a Pay it Forward or not, but I didn’t know what to make so I wrote this short story for you instead…

I knew somebody named Tami, who went to Church of the Harvest awhile ago. I knew her through a friend of a friend though, sort of like that app on Facebook that recommends friends for you or whatever. She seemed weird to me at first though. Tami always was helping somebody with something. She really liked kids too. I don’t know if that’s the reason why she liked to babysit for other people a lot of the time though.

Tami has lived a lot of different places for some reason so she has almost 600 people on her Facebook account. They sound kind of miscellaneous to me, but I think they are important to her. Tami cares about other people because she is a Christian. She is also a pro-lifer, who hates the very idea of abortion because it is murder according to the Bible.

I mostly know all of this stuff because I am friends with her on Facebook. That is how I heard about this whole Pay it Forward thing. I thought it was lame until Tami told me about it. Then, I was inspired to not just Pay it Forward, but keep on helping other people like she does all of the time.

I don’t know how this never ending chain of helping people/ paying it forward will all work out though. Tami keeps saying she wants to make stuff for people, but I just don’t understand why. What will she get out of it anyways? I have thought before.

I guess Tami isn’t really a friend of a friend anymore, but she started out that way when I lived in New York a few years ago. She also used to go to Boise State then, but now I guess she goes to this school called NNU in Nampa, Idaho.

The thing is, now that I live in Colorado, Tami is starting to affect me. I think this God of her’s helps her out a lot when she helps other people. It’s not a selfish thing with her either. Why do I say that? Tami helps other people, even when she won’t be immediately helped by them back at all. It’s neat to hear about, even though I haven’t met her yet. I bet I will someday, but I don’t know how I will. It is also kind of weird that she is my friend on Facebook and not my friend in real life though. I don’t necessarily think it’s a bad thing because I am friends with one of her friends that we both know in real life… by Amy McGrath


Banana Pumpkin Cake!

I was asked to bring a 9×13 banana dish for a
class tomorrow at church. I had wanted to use up some pumpkin
puree I had, so this recipe seemed great for that:) I liked
that it also had nutmeg and ginger in it! Something about me is
that I love nutmeg in my coffee and ginger well ginger is good in
just about anything (to me). Also it has a butter and brown
sugar glaze with spices, doesn’t that sound heavenly?? I
didn’t have a tube pan….I do need to get one because their are a
few other recipes that call for one. Is a tube pan the same
as a bundt pan??? So I made a double batch so I could take
one to a meeting in the afternoon. My friend Bonnie is
planning a fundraising dinner so that her family can adopt a child
from Brazil (I think, I will find out tomorrow for sure). Have you
ever found yourself pouring something(tonight it was walnuts) into
a bowl or container from a bulk bag and you totally miss the said
receptical and pour all over the counter??? That’s what I did
tonight… at least it was just walnuts and not
sugar…that always is a bummer. Anyways I took some
pictures and will find out tomorrow if it tastes good:)
So the child lives in Colombia and it will cost $25,000
to adopt her. I’m excited to help with the fundraising:)!!
My pictures I took of this amazing cake are great but I can’t
open them for some reason. Yes babycakes I did taste this
delight and it was the only cooked thing I had today…the rest was
raw I promise! It was so worth it…it was so moist and the
taste of bananas and pumpkin with tiny bits of walnuts swirled with
my favs, nutmeg, ginger and cinnamon!! A success!!!! Now why
don’t you try it and tell me what you think:) And p.s. the glaze is
not an option but a must! Plus I didn’t use a bundt pan and it
turned out great! Both pans were gobbled up!!



Prep Time:
15 mins Total
1 1/4 hr
  1. 1Cream butter and sugar in mixing
  2. 2Beat in eggs one
    at a time until smooth.
  3. 3Stir in pumpkin and
  4. 4In a second
    bowl, combine remaining ingredients, reserving 1/2 cup toated pine
  5. 5Stir to mix, add
    to wet ingredients, mix together only until moistened.
  6. 6Sprinkle bottom of a greased 10
    inch tube pan with remaining toasted pine nuts.
  7. 7Pour batter into tube
  8. 8Bake in 350f degree
    oven for 1 hour or until tester inserted in middle comes out
  9. 9Let cool in pan
    for 10 minutes, then turn out onto wire rack and glaze.
  10. 10Glaze: Combine brown sugar,
    butter, spices and cream in a small saucepan.
  11. 11Bring to boil and simmer for 3
  12. 12Spoon over
    warm cake, sprinkle with crushed pine nuts.

Recipe found at food.com.

What I found when out window shopping!

magnets for sale

So I was out window shopping Tuesday morning in downtown Boise (Mel likes to say: BoDo), with my stylish friend Mel, I came across this package of 9 magnets at Anthropologie.  Guess how much they cost???  You say $12, $15 or maybe even $20??? NOOOOoooo my friend they were $28!!!  I was so shocked, these are the magnets I make for 23 cents a piece, So what I’m telling you is these 9 magnets were probably made in a sweatshop in China for less than I can make them for ($2.07)!!!  So the profit margin is 92% and that’s insane!!!  Anthropologie is making some serious money if people really buy those magnets??  Wow…I’m sure I could find products and items like that all over if I was paying attention.  And I actually did when we were checking out the “mommy & baby” shops downtown…the headbands going for $25-$30 when I can make them for under $5! So the reality to me is that I can and will set up a booth at either the farmers market this spring or at local shops!  But I really give most of my things away:)  I don’t even wear most of the things I make because I give them away.  Thankfully I have people who joyfully make me things that I can wear:)!!!  Thank you for reading my blog:) ~Tam

Making magnets!


gift wrapped

step 7: my sisters family held up with magnets

step 1: beads and paper

I was at the Craft Warehouse a couple weeks ago and I went with the intent to purchase fabric and jewels for my dear friend Mel’s fancy headband I was creating upon her request. Well if you know me I can get off track or off focus easily (I’m not gonna say I have Adult ADHD), I found myself holding glass beads and magnets with the idea to make magnets for simple gifts to have on hand:) So I guess God gave me this idea and He knew I would have o much fun and I would give them all away:)  Now who doesn’t love a handmade gift???  I have to say if you don’t than you probably haven’t been given a handmade item before.  It’s dreamy!!!  The bag of 50 beads was on sale for $2 and the pack of 10 magnets was $1.99 (better price at Fred Meyer $1.79) which made each magnet a total of 23 cents to make:)  I already had paper, magazines, hot glue, and a glue stick at home!!!

So what you need is:

glass beads
hot glue gun and glue
elmers or glue stick
magazines, scrapbook paper, old cards and etc

p.s.  my friend Mel thinks the 1 1/2 inch circular hole punch would make this a lot faster, but for me I like a craft that takes some time:)

Here are the steps to make these cute little magnets!

Step 1: find words, designs or pictures to cut in the shape of the beads
Step2: glue circle with picture side up to the bottom(flat) side of bead
Step 3: trim around bead so the paper isn’t showing on the side of the bead when you lay it down on the table
Step 4: let dry with paper side up
Step 5: use glue gun to glue magnet to paper side of the bead
Step 6: let dry a few minutes (hot glue drys super fast)
Step 7: put on refrigerator or other metal surface….. I also like to find a small gift box and wrap 4 magnets in fabric or tissue paper.  Find a fun magazine page and wrap box with page then wrap a piece of yarn or ribbon around box and tie in box.  Make a tag for a special someone, and then give as a gift!! For a reason or for no reason at all!!!  Giving gifts is FUN and how can you resist 92 cents+ your time and creativity!!!   Please fell free to post any questions and also post me what your magnets turn out like:)  Thank you! Happy crafting ~Tam

finished product

step 2: cutting paper

step 2 & 3: gluing paper to beads

step 5 & 6: gluing magnets

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Welcome to Tami’s Table!

I am finally up and running…The reason I have taken all
week to write my first post…is because I was trying to find
the PERFECT theme design. But today I thought, “am I going to find
the perfect or am I going to change it up all the time?”. So I
thought I better just start and deal with the details and
appearance details later. What I also realized was that this is the
very same reason it takes me sooo very long to start a paper for
school. I think about the details and I get stuck not starting!
That has to end, mainly due to the fact that I won’t always have
time to delay because of this. When I am asked to write I need to
be able to just write. So the same goes for this blog, when I need
to make my weekly quota (which is what I’m placing on this blog (1
blog a week)), but there could be more…but at least one a week:)
So in having said all of that, I want to welcome you to Tami’s
Table, a place where you will find yours truly’s thoughts on
cooking, baking, candy-making, cleaning, organizing, knitting,
crafting, creating, school, God, family (my nephews and soon to be
niece (I hope)), Elizabeth Anne Designs, and anything else that
fits into any of these categories! I am going to organize this blog
so that it will be easy for you to find just what your looking for.
I am going to also link it up with Facebook so that when I post
something you all can be the first to know:) Are you wondering why
I am naming this “Tami’s Table”???? I must give you some family
history first. I am the oldest of 3 children in Hugh and Sue
McAfee’s family. When I was around 11 years of age my parents would
leave me in charge of my younger siblings when school was out….I
began a restaurant at our house. Guess what I called it? Yes, you
are right….Tami’s Table!! In the menu was
food items I was able to cook. The picture here is what I think my
menu might have looked like:) So now 24 years later I am naming a
blog after my childhood restaurant, why you ask, well because I do
so many different things at my table and this blog is going to be
where I keep record of those tasks! Thank you for taking the time
to read my first blog!!