What I found when out window shopping!

magnets for sale

So I was out window shopping Tuesday morning in downtown Boise (Mel likes to say: BoDo), with my stylish friend Mel, I came across this package of 9 magnets at Anthropologie.  Guess how much they cost???  You say $12, $15 or maybe even $20??? NOOOOoooo my friend they were $28!!!  I was so shocked, these are the magnets I make for 23 cents a piece, So what I’m telling you is these 9 magnets were probably made in a sweatshop in China for less than I can make them for ($2.07)!!!  So the profit margin is 92% and that’s insane!!!  Anthropologie is making some serious money if people really buy those magnets??  Wow…I’m sure I could find products and items like that all over if I was paying attention.  And I actually did when we were checking out the “mommy & baby” shops downtown…the headbands going for $25-$30 when I can make them for under $5! So the reality to me is that I can and will set up a booth at either the farmers market this spring or at local shops!  But I really give most of my things away:)  I don’t even wear most of the things I make because I give them away.  Thankfully I have people who joyfully make me things that I can wear:)!!!  Thank you for reading my blog:) ~Tam


2 thoughts on “What I found when out window shopping!

  1. Tami, I like to just give my stuff that I make away too,
    but I checked into getting a booth at the market and it’s $60 for
    agricultural (you have to grow it yourself) and a little more for
    the artisan. That price is per week and they have a ratio they keep
    and won’t let more artisan in until they get more agricultural.
    Also, the lady I spoke with said that for each artisan space
    opening they have they get aobut 300 applications. Tough to get

    • Wow!! Thank you for the information:) I might just try some local bizzars:) I need to have a surplus of items and since I give away so much I don’t know if I will have enough:)!!! Blessings:)~Tam

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