What can u organize today?

It seems that I am always trying to find a new way to keep my life organized. I don’t like having dishes in my sink at all– I’ve tried many different ways to keep up on them and not let them pile up.. I find this to be a big challenge because it seems like I am only home long enough to make food and leave. After long days at school, Ross Elementary or whatever the days bring me I come home and I want to clean my kitchen but I need to do homework or go to sleep!

A friend of mine, gave me wonderful advice yesterday (which seem like a no brainer once I heard it), after dirtying dishes wash them right then and there!!
It works– I did it with dinner last night and I did it this morning with breakfast!! I love this concept!! Thank you Trinity!!!

So I have to be honest that yesterday I tackled my dishes after 6 days of letting them go… I could not find time to get them done! Not until I was encouraged by Becky Higgings! She posted on her blog that she was going to organize today (yesterday) and asked her readers to organize one thing in their house! I took the challenge and decided to organize my dirty dishes and wash them!! Mission accomplished:) below and above are the before and after pics!! What can u organize today?? A drawer, fridge, closet, crafts, desk… the places are endless… you can do it baby-cakes!! Feel free to comment and let me know what u decided to organize!!


2 thoughts on “What can u organize today?

  1. Tami! I love your blog! I found it from your facebook post šŸ™‚ Thanks for the inspiration to organize today. I think I’m going to organize the baby’s room today. He’s been sharing a room with the 2 big kids, but it’s just not working out. So the plan is to turn the guest room into a nursery/story time room/guest room. Hopefully I can get it all done today šŸ™‚ It was fun to see you at the store this week.

    • Lindsay! Thank you for reading my blog:) Organizing your babies room sounds fun! Do you have a blog or did you post pictures on Facebook? Being in order and knowing where things are is so refreshing:) Bless you!

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