Day 6: even when I’m tired?

Yes- even when I’m tired……I had my 4 classes today so I was in and out of my apartment all throughout the day.  I was really tired and took a nap, and some time between all of that I remembered my Mom gave me some ham that I had in the freezer so I put some beans and veggies in the crock pot and defrosted the ham.  Guess what this means happened next, yes you got it, I had a sink full of dishes.  I just got off work at the phonathon at the University and I don’t feel like doing dishes….but I did them:)  After all what if I am someones wife someday and I get too tired??? Shouldn’t I learn now to push through and do things I don’t want to…even when it’s hard? And just because I live alone , am I only accountable to myself, no I’m accountable to God who sees everything!  So for now God is my husband and I will keep my kitchen (and the rest of the place) clean for Him!

“She watches over the ways of  her household, and does not eat the bread of idleness.” proverbs 31:27


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