‘Fully Baked’ news!

Melissa's cherry pie

Melissa’s cherry pie

This is the pie that Melissa made at our last baking club! I was a wee bit distracted that evening and I can’t even remember what I settled on making.  Wait!!! I am the queen of photo documentation:)

my pumpkin cake

my pumpkin cake

I can barely remember it (i bake alot), but I made a pumpkin cake or bread rather, I saved the glaze from the scones and defrosted it and squirted it all over the large dish and then 2 small ramikins that I used. By the way, the ramikins were an awesome idea, the bread just popped right out! 

Well anyways, our next club is going to be Saturday, December 8th around 2pm, and I think it might be at Dana’s house.  I would do it here at The Friends House but I think we will have more participants….BECAUSE we are having a session on JUST COOKIES!!!  We are going caroling on Sunday evening and we want to pass out cookies to our neighbors!! How fun!!  If you have any fun and easy cookie recipes…please send them my way:)  Blessings- Tam



Hi all! I recently participated in my first mug swap and I LOVED IT!! A friend of mine Melanie Anderson, had just been in one and I saw her post on Instagram. Funny enough another swap had just opened up and I joined through Heidi at Mustache Mama and Ashley Marie over at Little Willow Tree. It was great and I am grateful that these women facilitated this at the perfect time for me!

more than a mug swap

I was blessed beyond belief by my mug swap partner Shannon over at www.sassylemonade.com!!! She went above and beyond for me, I am happy about the swap and my new friend! She is a very talented wife and mom!! She couldn’t have picked any better items for me than my own sister. 🙂

So having said that, I would like to offer to host my first mug swap!!!!! So here’s what you do:

-Email me at: tamimcafee(at)me.com and tell me that you want to sign up and I will send you a few questions to answer. 
-Sign ups close November 27th.
-You will receive your partner information on November 30th and then you can get to know your partner through email, instagram, facebook, twitter, or blog. 
-Shop for your partner and mail off their mug by December 12th. You can add other little gifts to your mug (but it’s not manditory, just FUN!).  If you are crafty, it’s fun to include something you have made.  But purchasing items is just fine.  Since it’s the Holiday season you might want to find out what your partner celebrates and include something seasonal OR send your favorite holiday item:)  It’s COLD already here in Idaho so I sent some frosting sprinkles in snowflake shapes when I did my first swap. <—just an idea! 
-Come back to either my blog to link up on January 10th, 2013 with pictures and a little bit of a story to share:) 
Don’t forget to post your mug and any goodies you receive on your blog and/or instagram (don’t forget to use the hashtag #tamistablemugswap/ #mugswap and tag @tamilenn) !!!!! Fun!!!!
(borrowed and adapted from www.mustachama.com)
OK, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR???? Email me at: tamimcafee(at)me.com to sign up today!!!! Let’s have some holiday fun mug swapping!!! 🙂 I’m looking forwarding to mugging you!!
xo, Tami

my cute mug from recent mug swap!!

Making Egg Drop (flower) Soup

Thank you to all of you who have been waiting so patiently for me to give the instructions for this tasty, healthy, and simple soup.  I am a soup lover and I find it difficult to relate to anyone who has an adversion to it.  Like my irish twin, Hugh Alan the 3rd….he does not like soup one bit and I could eat it for any meal.  He says soup is for sick people ONLY (and when he says that-I think he’s talking about sick in the head)   Ok….he’s intittled to his own opinion.  But for the rest of you who like soup, this recipe is for you!  This is such a simple recipe and it comes to me from my housemate Shurong who is studying Education here in the US and is from China.  She will admit that she is not a traditional Chinese chef, but let me tell you, her ways in the kitchen are completely the opposite of mine.  The way she chops her food, washes it, and even the way she cleans up the kitchen.  To make this soup, all you need is heat, water, soy sauce, salt, pepper, eggs, any kind of meat, mushrooms and onions.  I add more veggies ALWAYS!  I documented some of my steps the last time I made this and now I am going to share it with you…FINALLY.


4 cups of water

1 cup pork, chicken, or beef (thinly sliced) or shrimp or tofu

2 eggs

1/2 cup green onions (sliced)

1 cup mushrooms (quartered)

1 cup cilantro (cut finely)

3 cloves crushed garlic

1 tsp fresh chopped ginger root

soy sauce

salt and pepper

red pepper flakes

olive oil

optional:  tomatoes, brocolli, peppers, zucchini, bean sprouts, celery, water chestnuts, and anything else you like.

1.  Fill a large pot with water and turn heat to med-high, I like to get it simmering before I add anything.

2.  While the water is heating up I get all my other ingredients cut up and ready to go.  I ususally cut the meat up first and sit it in a bowl and sprinkle soy sauce, salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes.  I use a new cutting board for all my veggies.  I slice them up in tiny pieces no matter the style of cut I’m using.  Shurong taught me a few different ways to slice things up so they look more appealing! I put all the veggies on a plate or in bowls till I am ready to use them, so I have lots of room on my cutting board (I use to just leave it all on the cutting board- but Shurong taught me that I need space on my cutting board).    Next I crack the eggs into a bowl (i like to add some salt and pepper) and beat up with a fork and set aside.

slicing pork

slicing green onions

cleaning veggies

veggie prep

beat eggs


3.  Next I turn up the water a little higher so that it boils a little stronger than a simmer.  I add the meat first and let it boil alone for a few minutes.  Then I start adding the veggies, in no specific order.

add the veggies

5.  Do not add any soy sauce to the actual soup on the pot, I know it may be tempting, but trust me…I’ve done it and it overpowers the soup.  It’s best to add it at to individual bowls upon eating it.  Let the soup simmer-boil for atleast 15-20 minutes.  I like my soup with the veggies slightly crunchy…to do this I add some of my veggies near the last few minutes of cooking.

6.  After you feel like the soup has cooked to your liking keep it boiling pretty steady and add the eggs…I like to pour them in nice and slowly so I can see the eggs become flowers.  Let boil for about 5 minutes and now it is ready to serve.

7.  Serve with your favorite Chinese dishes and hot and steamy rice or noodles.

after adding eggs (egg flowers)

Enjoy!!!! -TMc

Upcoming club details:

Ramekin Pumpkin Bread

Wow, I can’t believe how time can fly  by….actually that’s not true.  I know time flies by way tooooooooooo fast.  I had meant to blog a few things before my 2nd actual baking club.  But it didn’t happen and I’m not going to be too hard on myself (something he is teaching me!).

So tomorrow I’m hosting my 2nd baking club and I have a few more interested bakers!  How fun!  Tomorrows theme is fall…..which I’m so excited about.  Instead of watching some TV for down time last night, I decided to bake a pumpkin cake, what I realized is I am sooooo low on baking dishes.  I used some ramekins hoping they would pop right out once golden brown.  The house smelled so good and the activity did recharge me.  I know that sorta sounds strange, that expending all that energy and feeling like it did something good for me.  My theory is that because I enjoy this so much that when I do it (and even the cleanup involved) I feel like some emptiness inside myself gets filled!!  I’ll post a photo of my delicious ramekin pumpkin cake and vow to be a better blogger.

Reminder:  I still have a few spots left if your local and you want to participate in the club tomorrow.  Let me know and I will give you the details:)