April 2013 Foodie Pen Pals Reveal

FPP-post In April I participated in Foodie Pen Pals for the first time; it was great! I found out about this program just by searching the internet looking for some ideas for more creativity for my current pen pals across the country…..I felt like getting postcards and letters might be getting a little boring. I joined for the month of April and received a box of goodies from Alex Dorris in Washington DC; go here to see her blog. Below is a picture of what she sent me:)


It was so fun to get this box!!!  The anticipation of someone else buying goodies with my preferences in mind:) What a DELIGHT!!!  Another really cool thing that I liked about foodie pen pals was that Lindsay over at FPP’s  had easy guidelines and strait forward instructions, I signed up and within 72 hours I was responded to.  All participants are expected to send out boxes by a certain deadline and are reminded by a friendly email:)  Alex was assigned to send a box to me and I was assigned to Lindsay in New Jersey, her blog is here. She featured my box in her blog on April 30th (when I was supposed to as well) and she did a great job and she has a really great blog on nutrition, I want to snag some of her healthy recipes!!!

I received my box from the postman on Friday and I was so excited!!  I quickly opened the box and started looking at all my tasty items!  I got:

1.  Annie’s chocolate chip granola bars, which I have had before and LOVE!  I am a BIG granola bar fan, I run around a lot and need a quick snack here and there:)  They are low in calories, hit the spot, have some protein, easy to grab and no bad sweeteners. 81VQ1NP-TpL._SL1500_

2.  Rhythm Superfoods Kale Chips in Zesty Nacho, which I had never tried before. They were good, not like a potato chip or anything but good.  They cured my salty craving I sometimes get, I swore that nutritional yeast would be listed in the ingredients label, but it wasn’t.  They are gluten free, vegan and rich in vitamins K & A!!


3.  Flavrz,  All Natural Liquid Drink Mix, which I had never tried before.  I received 2 flavors; fruit punch energy and citrus hibiscus immunity drink.  These were 1 ounce packets that you mix with a bottle of water and they have some natural sugar and then vitamins derived from whole foods.  I liked these and thought they were both equally flavorful.  🙂


4.  Kind, Cinnamon Oat Clusters with Flax Seeds, I have never had this before but I always love granola:)  This was delicious, I mainly ate it like a bowl of cereal or with my yogurt.  Super good!


5.  ODWALLA, Chewy nut bar- sweet and salty almond.  I had never had this bar before and it was very good:)


6.  Betty Loue‘s Blueberry Fruit Bars- I have had these before.  They are gluten and dairy free and they are tasty:)  


7. Ghirardelli Sea Salted Caramel Bar- The BEST ever! How did my foodie penpal know I love this combo:)  So awesome!!


Anyways, I loved participating in this and would gladly do it again:)  Please feel free to try it out for yourself:) Thank you to all who participated and made this possible for others:)   xo Tam


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