t. Lenn Designs is the WINNER!

I had been calling my creations “Elizabeth Anne Designs” but I found out that someone already was using this name…Since I’m new to the marketing/business world I hadn’t thought to check to see if anyone else was using the name I wanted for my company! So I found out the rules and I even had my friends vote on a name….

t. Lenn Designs!!!!!!!!!!!!! is the WINNER.

Thank you to all of you who participated!  I especially want to throw a huge thanks out to my friends Aaron Wilson in New Zealand and Kevin Brewer in Las Vegas, they helped by quickly thinking outside the box!!  I was trying to pick a family name to add sentimental value to my goods!  Aaron thought I should use my own name and be proud of it and Kevin thought I should be simple and cute!!  No problem being cute, but simple… well that’s a different story!!:) So thanks guys– I’m going to send you out some cute and simple magnets asap.

Below is one of my first creations!  It is called “jennifer Anne” and is named after my baby sister Jennifer Anne McAfee-Amoroso a.k.a Roxie Amoroso!!!!  Doesn’t Mel look great wearing this??  It fits her personality to the “t” (no pun intended)!  She chose the colors and I chose the design for this hard but flexible stay put headband…… all along with my sister in mind!

If you would like to order one please email me (at): t.lenndesigns@hotmail.com 🙂  They are $10 plus tax = $10.60.  20% of your purchase will go to COH believe the dream campaign which will help my local church remodel our old building.  Thank you for taking the time to read my blog!!!  More to come!!!!

"Jennifer Anne" style headband for Mel, made by t. Lenn Designs