I have a dream…


I can remember the first time I learned of King, I was amazed by his reaction to evil. I was just a teenager, but as I started learning more about other equal rights activists in our history I began to see a commonality. Peace and Love! I hope that as I continue to help to fight this war in our country that I would follow these fine examples:-)

I have a dream…a dream that all children everywhere will live to breathe their first breathe, that men and women would stop using violence and rage as the answer….that LOVE and PEACE would prevail:-) the end. xo~Tam


Back to School.



This week I started my spring semester at Northwest Nazarene University… and it was is a little chilly on campus (the above picture is a representation of  what degree we are living in right now in Nampa, Idaho).  It’s so much like a dream to me, that all I have left to complete my BA is 21 credits in upper division Social Work classes….I’m contemplating summer school? If I could graduate a semester early that would be really great.  Then I could go right into Grad school and be done with this part of my education.  It’s so close that I can actually envision myself inviting all my family and friends to my graduation ceremony!  I am praying about doing my 400 hour internship in my Senior year at Health and Welfare…they are willing to give me payment for my hours!!!(it won’t be what I would make with a license but it is better than 0 an hour!  I see God’s hand all over this.   I’m going to do double my internship hours  this semester so that I can get extra credits, that really beats taking an upper division elective class.  If you know me, you know that I would rather do something meaningful any day of the week! I’m really excited about this because I’m going back to do hours with a local towns district Social Worker.  He does a great job explaining everything to me and he is a patient person:)  The other plus is that the district needs more from him so by doubling my hours of service to the district we will be able to do that extra work and reach more children than we did last semester.  This is exciting to me:) 

Six years ago I fought much fear and enrolled in Boise State University, it’s been such a great journey.  I have learned not only academically, but personally I have grown so much in my character!  I may not have understood the road blocks or detours along this journey but looking back I wouldn’t change this experience for the world.  I may not be the best test taker, textbook studier, or college student for all that matter but I have given it my all and I have seen much fruit!  If you have the opportunity to go, no matter your age— I encourage and dare you to do!!!  Blessings, Tam x0x0