Welcome to Tami’s Table!

I am finally up and running…The reason I have taken all
week to write my first post…is because I was trying to find
the PERFECT theme design. But today I thought, “am I going to find
the perfect or am I going to change it up all the time?”. So I
thought I better just start and deal with the details and
appearance details later. What I also realized was that this is the
very same reason it takes me sooo very long to start a paper for
school. I think about the details and I get stuck not starting!
That has to end, mainly due to the fact that I won’t always have
time to delay because of this. When I am asked to write I need to
be able to just write. So the same goes for this blog, when I need
to make my weekly quota (which is what I’m placing on this blog (1
blog a week)), but there could be more…but at least one a week:)
So in having said all of that, I want to welcome you to Tami’s
Table, a place where you will find yours truly’s thoughts on
cooking, baking, candy-making, cleaning, organizing, knitting,
crafting, creating, school, God, family (my nephews and soon to be
niece (I hope)), Elizabeth Anne Designs, and anything else that
fits into any of these categories! I am going to organize this blog
so that it will be easy for you to find just what your looking for.
I am going to also link it up with Facebook so that when I post
something you all can be the first to know:) Are you wondering why
I am naming this “Tami’s Table”???? I must give you some family
history first. I am the oldest of 3 children in Hugh and Sue
McAfee’s family. When I was around 11 years of age my parents would
leave me in charge of my younger siblings when school was out….I
began a restaurant at our house. Guess what I called it? Yes, you
are right….Tami’s Table!! In the menu was
food items I was able to cook. The picture here is what I think my
menu might have looked like:) So now 24 years later I am naming a
blog after my childhood restaurant, why you ask, well because I do
so many different things at my table and this blog is going to be
where I keep record of those tasks! Thank you for taking the time
to read my first blog!!