Potential Sabotage

I apologize for skipping day 5….there was nothing to write! I only had coffee before church and I washed my mug:)  I went to church and then ordered a pizza to go and ate it on the way to work.  At work for dinner I ate a Waldorf salad (yum!).  I came home and went to bed, so I didn’t have any dishes.


Day 6 Monday- Today before I went to work I made pumpkin chocolate chip muffins and bread for a little boy with severe food allergies!  He can’t have soy, dairy, wheat, or eggs… I have learned how to make the most perfect sweet bread for him.  The challenge lies in substituting eggs in a bread that is already complicated because of no wheat.  For every egg I mix up 1/2 a banana with 1 tsp of baking soda AND it’s MARVELOUS!!  His family go to my church and they are the sweetest!  They just recently had boy and girl twins which makes 5 tots total!  I really enjoy giving Ollie a special treat that his mommy can freeze and have on hand.  This order was 2 weeks overdue…. having said that- I individually wrapped them and cleaned the dishes right away.  This procedure could have been a snare for me.  There was a possibility that I would have left the mess for tomorrow.  Yay!   Knowing your weaknesses is half the battle, right?

Kitchen is clean and sinks are empty!  Until tomorrow…..